Today in Mursko Središće as part ofthe European Mobility Week 2015, a program was held for children and visitors. On the promenade along the river Mura there was a competition and training “Safe in traffic , with a lecture on the safe movement of traffic through the city streets, donated reflective bracelets, picture books, coloring books and other materials were given to chidren.

Fourth-grade students created signs and were accompanied by police officers and volunteers on a walk around town and they warned drivers on safe driving and to their presence in traffic.

The work of the Međimurje Police Department and the Croatian Automobile Club was also presented. BECIKLIN, a bicycle shop, exhibited several of their bikes to encourage passers-by to use them more often if they do not travel on long-haul.

For the youngest visitors there was also a joint exercise, and the bravest tried their hand at test driving on a course – by bike, rollerskates and scooters.

How it al went look in the photo gallery.